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The SIGMA PLUS Battery System provides the ultimate in convenience, performance and versatility. The innovative BP-50 battery provides two 4 pin xlr output connectors so you can power two devices such as a Sony DAT recorder and mic preamp or converter from the same battery. Like all Eco-Charge sealed lead acid batteries, the BP-50 is more reliable and far easier to maintain than OEM NiCad packs. There are no inherit memory effects so you never have to fully drain the battery before recharging. The rugged carrying cases have been re-designed with addition of a belt loop for situations when you need to wear the battery. The 66-A automatic charger provides fast and worry-free charging.

The system includes one BP-50 battery, 66-A charger, two 240-J6V power cables and cases. All items can be purchased individually. Equal priced cables may be substituted.



BP-50 Battery Features
• Maintenance-free sealed lead-acid
• Durable Injection molded construction
• Automatic short circuit protection
• Dual 4 pin xlr output connectors

• Includes ballistic nylon carrying case

BP-50 Battery Specifications
• 6 volt, 7.2 Ah
• Max. current draw: 3.0 A @ 50 C
• Dimensions: 6 x 1.4 x 5
• Weight: 3.2 lb.

Estimated Operating Time
1 device: 8-20 hours
2 devices: 5-8 hours



66-A Charger Features
The 66-A 6 volt charger has been an
Eco-Charge staple for nearly a decade. There has never been a reason to change it as we've enjoyed a near perfect reliability rating with this unit! Like all Eco-Charge SLA chargers, the 66-A is fully automatic and does everything for you. Simply connect to a battery, plug it in and when the LED charge indicator shuts off, you are ready to go. There is never any danger of overcharging and a battery can be left connected indefinitely. Includes 4 pin xlr connector and carrying case.


Sigma PLUS Battery System $189.00